Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment we just offer shoes with a little, or a lot more width.  If we have enough requests for our styles in standard sizing we would consider doing this in the future.

If you can wear standard size shoes comfortably without them being tight across the front of your foot, our shoes will be too loose for you.  We cater for those that find a standard sized shoe slightly too tight or people with a broader foot.

A lot of people would be surprised to know that the discomfort and pain they feel across the front of their foot when wearing shoes is because the shoes are just not quite wide enough.  How often are we told “go up a size to get the width”.   You may not consider yourself to have a wide foot, but it's amazing what that little bit extra width does.

Measuring the length and width of your foot is an important part of the process.

Refer to our guide in the link below with instructions on how to get your measurements. Each product has a size chart in the description.  The sizing is unique to NO RESTRICTION.

If we have enough interest in larger sizes, we would definitely consider doing this in the future.


Hopefully you won’t need them to stretch too much as our shoes are designed with extra width. Our shoes are made from leather which allows them to mould to your foot and to breathe.


If you are between sizes make sure you buy the larger size.  Because our shoes are designed with full leather they will stretch if needed.


We understand and are happy to accept returns.

Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges policy:


Please read our RETURNS AND EXCHANGES page before initiating your return.

After reading you can go to our Returns Centre:

We will offer many different styles as we grow.


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